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selling eBooks to retail

eBooks to Retail

We Distribute to Resellers

Bookmobile provides eBook distribution to resellers (retailers and wholesalers) on behalf of publishers. Bookmobile can create your eBook files, or you can provide your own. Bookmobile uploads the eBook files to resellers, along with the book metadata that you provide. As resellers sell your books, they pay Bookmobile. Bookmobile pays you that amount, less our distribution fee.

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About Selling eBooks To Retail

Bookmobile handles resale distribution for publishers. Bookmobile is the exclusive source for particular eBooks to some resellers. This does not prevent publishers from selling their eBooks directly to consumers or special markets—in fact, Bookmobile encourages and actively supports such sales.

We Sell To:

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Google
  • Kobo
  • Libraries (via Overdrive)

The Process:

  1. Books are converted into standard eBook files for Kindle and other eBook readers. Bookmobile can do these conversions, or clients can provide eBook files.
  2. Bookmobile creates a client account in Bookmobile Editions, our content management system.
  3. Clients provide the required eBook metadata for each title (including eBook ISBN-13, title, author, price, subject categories, etc.), and Bookmobile enters it into Bookmobile Editions. Bookmobile then reformats the metadata for the requirements of each reseller.
  4. For new titles, Bookmobile uploads the master eBook in the appropriate format to each reseller, along with the appropriately formatted metadata file.
  5. Bookmobile receives sales reports from the resellers. Some resellers provide these reports on a monthly schedule, others quarterly. Bookmobile creates reports so clients can see how many copies of each book sold through each reseller and how much the reseller owes for those sales.
  6. Bookmobile receives payments from the resellers. Some resellers provide these reports on a monthly schedule, others quarterly.
  7. Every month, Bookmobile sends checks for receipts from the previous month. Bookmobile’s distribution fee is subtracted from the total.

eBook Distribution Policy for Publisher-Provided eBooks:

Bookmobile distributes eBooks converted by Bookmobile, or eBooks already converted by our clients. Bookmobile’s conversion process includes extensive validation and review to ensure that the eBook will be accepted by all resellers. Clients whose eBooks have been converted elsewhere must complete this validation and review themselves. If any of the furnished, already-converted eBooks  are rejected by resellers, Bookmobile provides notification and error reporting.

Bookmobile cannot analyze, troubleshoot or fix eBooks converted elsewhere.