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The Cheap eBook: A Dagger at the Heart of Publishing

    What is the true cost of publishing an eBook? Among all the disputation about eBook selling prices, one major misconception persists: that because the reproduction cost of eBooks is very low, then the cost to the publisher is low, and therefore the selling Read more […]

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    Ten Ways Publishers Add Value for Authors and Readers

      At Bookmobile, we have been working with literary, university press, independent, and trade publishers for over thirty years. We have also helped hundreds of authors self-publish. So we've witnessed firsthand the making of thousands of books. Like the Read more..

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      The Buy Button is the Gate, Amazon the Keeper

        Amazon’s online partisans have lambasted big New York publishers for being “gatekeepers,” barring authors’ paths to the land of milk and honey. But if book publishers are doing any gatekeeping, they are doing a spectacularly bad job of it: according Read more […]

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