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Color Printing: It’s Not Just for Art Books

    Perhaps it's obvious, but here's a reminder: Color printing is not just for art and photography books or journals and exhibition catalogs. We print a wide range of books at Bookmobile; our high-quality color printing combined with the economical option Read more..

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    The Skinny on Bar Codes

      This might be the least exciting blog post I ever write, but people always ask, so here it is: How small can bar codes be? How do you ensure they scan? Read on, and I will reveal all. First, while Bookmobile..

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      Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Bookmobile began as a design and typesetting production house in 1982 and started offering print services in 1996. When your project comes to Bookmobile, it gets the benefit of thirty-three years of know-how. We work with over 900 publishers, including literary presses, university presses, trade houses, museums, galleries, and artists. Contact Us