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The Cheap eBook: A Dagger at the Heart of Publishing

    What is the true cost of publishing an eBook? Among all the disputation about eBook selling prices, one major misconception persists: that because the reproduction cost of eBooks is very low, then the cost to the publisher is low, and therefore the selling Read more […]

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    Ten Ways Publishers Add Value for Authors and Readers

      At Bookmobile, we have been working with literary, university press, independent, and trade publishers for over thirty years. We have also helped hundreds of authors self-publish. So we've witnessed firsthand the making of thousands of books. Like the Read more..

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      Print Positive: Selecting Paper

        Like other production decisions, choosing paper (also referred to as “paper stock” or just “stock”) affects the cost and aesthetic value of your book. When selecting paper, professional print buyers consider basis weight, thickness, color,  Read more […]

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        Print Positive: Selecting Page Size

          The page size of your book has an impact on every aspect of its publication: aesthetics, legibility, durability, cost, and perceived value. Choosing the right page size will keep printing costs down and minimize binding problems. Overview Text-Heavy Read more […]

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          Cover Lamination: The Beautiful and the Bad

            Film lamination is important for paperback covers and dust jackets. Books get banged around a lot en route from printer to reader (see my post on cartons). Without cover lamination, corners get bent, the printed image scuffs and cracks, and..

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            Print Positive: Selecting Binding

              The choice of binding is a critical piece of the publishing process. The right choice can help maximize title revenue and margins, while the wrong choice can diminish sales and increase costs. Awareness of the technical nuances in book binding can add Read more […]

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